Avoiding Some Common Mistakes When Drilling or Cutting Through Concrete


It's often manageable for a homeowner to cut or drill through a concrete wall in order to hang wall mounts or to cut concrete pieces from a driveway or walkway in order to fill in certain sections that need repair. However, the job isn't as easy as some homeowners assume, and in turn, they may wind up making some very common mistakes that make the job more time-consuming and cause a bigger mess than they imagined.

20 January 2016

Advice on choosing and maintaining your kerbs to keep your house looking great


Many people love nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and admiring their immaculately kept garden or appreciating the beautiful condition of their house. Other people however, keep their eyes on the ground when walking up to their house in order to avoid the overgrown grass, cracked kerbs, dirty kerbs and shoddy house. It can become quiet overwhelming if this is the case, and many people simply give up on their property.

20 November 2015

Scaffolding Frames: How Much Rust Is Too Much Rust?


It goes without saying that scaffolding is tough stuff, able to withstand tremendous loads and serious abuse while remaining fit for purpose. However, it is not invincible —  no matter how thoroughly they are treated or galvanised, steel frames and poles will inevitably rust. You'll almost never see a professional scaffolding rig that doesn't, at the very least, have some patches of rust. Trouble is, there is no solid set of rules to follow when it comes to determining how much corrosion a piece of scaffolding can take before it is no longer safe and legal to use.

21 July 2015

Tools Used for Concrete Cutting


Concrete cutting tools have evolved tremendously over the years. The modern world, with its technology, has paved the way for the innovation and invention of these tools that have, in turn, made concrete cutting as easy as whistling Dixie. Although there are other tools available in the market, cut-off machines and diamond chainsaws, stand head and shoulders above their nearest competitors: Cut-off Machines Many professionals heavily rely on cut-off machines to cut concrete.

2 July 2015

Steel Fabrication: The Welding Process

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Welding is perhaps the most common fabrication process when it comes to steel and other metals. During welding, the fabrication technician uses a welding kit to join metal pieces together to form the finished structure. Welding is applied to many steel products such as sheets, rods and beams. In construction, it is used to create roofing structures, staircases, gates, fencing and other steel structures: Where does welding lie in the overall fabrication process?

26 May 2015

Why Choose Mixed Aggregate Concrete When Paving Residential Property?


Mixed aggregate concrete refers to concrete that has a high concentration of pebbles, gravel, or crushed stone in the mixture. These materials give concrete a bumpy, textured surface. This is unlike standard concrete which is very smooth when poured. If you're having a new driveway or walkways or any area of your home set with concrete, you might consider a mixed aggregate variety. Consider a few advantages this type of material offers and why it can be a good choice for your home.

13 March 2015

Why Choose Asphalt for Paving Over Concrete?


When choosing a material for paving, whether that's a driveway at home, a commercial parking lot, or  a city street, you typically need to decide between concrete or asphalt. Both materials have their advantages, but note why asphalt is a very popular choice and why it may be the right decision for you. 1. Asphalt Is Softer During very cold weather, brittle concrete may tend to crack or chip. This is why many city streets have potholes and cracks every spring, as the cold has caused the concrete to break during wintertime.

9 March 2015