Concrete Repair and Upkeep: Tips for All Seasons

Welcome to my concrete blog. My name is Helen, and I hate stumbling over old and broken concrete. It makes a home, business or even a whole neighborhood look old and unkempt. To make the world a more beautiful place, I have decided to create this blog. In it, I plan to post everything I have learned about concrete over the years. I plan to include everything from maintenance schedules to upkeep tips to simple repairs to financial risks of broken concrete. If you have a patch of concrete anywhere on your property, I hope you enjoy the information in this blog and learn something new from it.

How You Can Still Customise Your Concrete After It Has Set


Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials out there, and for a long time, it was also one of the most difficult to adjust after it had been put in place. After all, the qualities that make concrete so attractive, such as its weight, strength and resistance to erosion, all make it nearly impossible to change after it has been set. Luckily, there is a way to adjust concrete now through what is known as concrete cutting. Here are a few examples of how concrete cutting can be used to help adjust your property to your specific needs.

Adjusting Wires Or Plumbing

If you have a concrete wall or floor then it is easy to assume any plumbing or electrical wiring behind it is locked in for good. Luckily, with some extremely tough saws known as diamond saws, you can cut through concrete and get to the wiring and plumbing below. If there is a leak or electrical fault and you need to fix it, then you used to be completely out of luck. Now, with diamond saws and experienced professionals, you can get your home's utilities back under control no matter where they are located.

Adding A Window

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly how you want your home or business to look before you actually see it in person. With other materials, it is far easier to make adjustments after the building is largely finished. With concrete, however, that is definitely not the case. Concrete sawing is virtually the only way that you can cut through set concrete walls to remove a section large enough, with enough precision, to inset a window afterwards. You can even make enough room for a new door or large, floor to ceiling windows if that is what you want.

Removal Of Driveway

Concrete is perhaps the most popular type of driveway in Australia because of how long-lasting and reliable it is. The only issue is that it can be a bit of an eyesore, and many Australians end up wanting to replace either a part or their whole concrete driveway. With concrete cutting, you can begin this process far quicker so that there is an easy option to begin chipping away from the sides of the concrete. If you only need a part of your driveway removed and not the whole length, then concrete cutting is a must for its precision and speed. 

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24 November 2020