Understanding Blade Faults When Cutting Concrete


There are a number of faults that can develop with the blade of a saw when cutting concrete. Not only does this increase downtime, extending the duration of the job, it can also cost extra money that you may not have budgeted for. Knowing how to spot and properly diagnose a fault with the blade will allow you to take early corrective action, rather than continuing to use the blade and saw until they become damaged.

9 March 2015

How To Seal Expansion Joints In A Concrete Driveway Or Sidewalk


Concrete expansion joints are very important for a driveway or sidewalk as these allow slabs of concrete to expand and contract according to the humidity in the air. Without these joints, concrete would crack and buckle as it expands, and you would have a major repair job on your hands soon after the concrete is poured. As important as they are, you also want to keep these joints sealed so that moisture doesn't get underneath the concrete slabs and in turn cause them to heave or to sink.

27 February 2015

Benefits Of Having Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Using exposed aggregate is becoming a more popular alternative in the construction industry when it comes to finishing a structure. This technique simply involves washing away of the surface and keeping the internal texture of the concrete mix exposed. This can achieve a spectacular effect when done right, so if you are looking to to finish up your driveway, consider using this technique. Here are some of the benefits. Achieves an attractive surface

23 February 2015