Dealing With Silica Dust When Cutting Concrete

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When cutting concrete, you have to be prepared to face the dust produced as a result of the process. The dust, silica, poses a danger to the health of your workers as well as yours. Your workers are at risk of suffering from silicosis, a lung disease that develops when silica accumulates in the lungs. What is worse is that the disease cannot be cured. According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a person working up to 10 hours a day should not be exposed to more than 0.

8 March 2016

Steel Fabrication: The Welding Process

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Welding is perhaps the most common fabrication process when it comes to steel and other metals. During welding, the fabrication technician uses a welding kit to join metal pieces together to form the finished structure. Welding is applied to many steel products such as sheets, rods and beams. In construction, it is used to create roofing structures, staircases, gates, fencing and other steel structures: Where does welding lie in the overall fabrication process?

26 May 2015