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Why Your Asphalt Parking Lot May Need Repair


Many business owners neglect the parking lots of their businesses thinking they are not of much value, but they are definitely wrong about this. Your parking lot as a business owner is what provides a first impression to your customers or anyone who visits your premises. Apart from aesthetics, your parking lot being in good condition will prevent various injuries. Any accidents, including damage to a vehicle, can result to lawsuits, costing you a lot as a business owner. This is because if there is any injury caused due to potholes on your parking lot, as the business owner you will be held responsible for substandard pavement conditions. Having timely asphalt repairs on your parking lots in case of any damage can prevent these lawsuits.

The following are some of the things that can cause your parking lot to deteriorate and need asphalt repair:

Pooling water

Assessing your drainage system is of great importance, as this will prevent pooling water at manholes or anywhere at the top of your asphalt pavement. causing a lot of damage to your parking lot. Pooling water can cause difficulties to vehicles and pedestrians. Apart from drainage issues, there are some areas that may be the cause of water pools that may require repair services:

1. Asphalt paving slope: When installing asphalt, you need to ensure that the slope is properly planned. The slope will ensure that water flows into the drains with the required force.

2. Asphalt curbing: Apart from giving your parking lot an appealing look, this will help eliminate water run-off that can reduce the lifespan of your parking lot.

Tree roots

Tree roots can cause damage to your asphalt pavement eventually damaging your parking lot. This is because some trees seek moisture deeper. It is advisable to have a professional locate and get rid of these root penetrations that may cause damage to your drain system, causing it to fail entirely. Various wastes apart from roots can get washed into the sewer drains and over time, they can build up. This will to clogging of the pipes causing great damage to your parking lot. It is advisable to have regular inspection of your sewer drains and pipes by a professional.

You should not wait to detect these problems on your parking lot so as to have repairs done. It is, therefore, advisable to have an annual inspection of your parking lot to ensure it lasts long and that it is safe for pedestrians and vehicles.


10 February 2016