Concrete Repair and Upkeep: Tips for All Seasons

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Top Benefits of Using Polished Concrete in Restaurants


One crucial element to consider when designing your restaurant is the type of flooring you will use. Though restaurant floors often go unnoticed, they are vital aspects that contribute to the success of the restaurant. One element that works well in commercial kitchens and restaurants is polished concrete. These floors meet the proper safety standards and can weather a lot of foot traffic. Below are the reasons you should consider installing polished concrete floors in your restaurant.


Proper sanitation is a necessity in the food industry. Polished concrete is a sanitary flooring option that requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, you don't have to hire professional cleaners to guarantee your floors stay in top condition. Your workers can dry and wet mop the floors every day to ensure the floors remain clean.

Concrete floors that are polished and sealed are non-porous, and so they meet all food-safety and sanitary standards. This floor option can also resist stains from elements that are likely to spill in the kitchen.


An ideal way to guarantee the safety of your workers and clients is by installing slip-resistant flooring. Slippery floors pose the risk of lawsuits from customers or staff members if they experience fall accidents on your premises.

Though polished concrete appears shiny, it has a higher slip-resistance level than many other floor choices. These floors are impervious to a wide range of chemicals and greasy elements you can find in commercial kitchens. Adding a coating on your floors will offer extra protection and preserve the integrity of your floors.


It is frustrating to keep repairing or replacing your commercial floors soon after installation. Therefore, you need a sturdy surface that can withstand wear and tear. Polished concrete can remain in good condition for a long time, even after daily use of chairs, heavy traffic, and harsh cleaners. This type of floor can also endure daily exposure to alkaline compounds and chemicals found in busy commercial kitchens.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about constant repairs when you install polished concrete floors. With proper maintenance, these floors can serve your restaurant for an extended period.

Beautiful Appearance

A great ambience in your restaurant is a great way to attract potential clients. The shiny appearance of polished concrete enhances your restaurant's ambience. You can also customise the floors to match the design of your restaurant. The sleek and modern appearance of these floors helps them match most design schemes.

Installing polished concrete on your floors offers numerous benefits. But you need to hire experienced concrete contractors to handle the installation. The experts will install the floors in the right way to guarantee the benefits of polished concrete. 


21 August 2020