Concrete Repair and Upkeep: Tips for All Seasons

Welcome to my concrete blog. My name is Helen, and I hate stumbling over old and broken concrete. It makes a home, business or even a whole neighborhood look old and unkempt. To make the world a more beautiful place, I have decided to create this blog. In it, I plan to post everything I have learned about concrete over the years. I plan to include everything from maintenance schedules to upkeep tips to simple repairs to financial risks of broken concrete. If you have a patch of concrete anywhere on your property, I hope you enjoy the information in this blog and learn something new from it.

Why Commercial Concrete Kerbing Is a Great Investment


More and more people are coming to the realisation that the exterior appearance of their commercial properties matters just as much as that of their interior spaces. One of the most sought after kerbing options available on the market at the moment is concrete kerbing. This type of kerbing is revered for its many essential benefits, key among them the following. 

Long service life

One of the top perks that concrete kerbing has to offer on commercial properties is a long lifespan. When properly installed and sealed, this type of kerbing can last for years and years without calling for frequent or costly repairs. Concrete is a remarkably hard and robust material that can withstand the abuses of normal use, including those hard accidental hits by a car in the parking lot. The sealers applied to concrete surfaces provide maximum protection against harsh weather elements, such as rain, snow, ice and the sun's ultraviolet light. The durability of concrete kerbing is also good for the environment as it reduces the demand for construction material needed to install new kerbing.

Cost efficient due to low maintenance

Even though installing concrete kerbing on your commercial property requires a significant amount of investment, its life cycle costs are much lower compared to most "cheaper to install" alternatives available on the market today. Maintenance costs are minimal, as the kerbing only needs to be periodically cleaned using a hard-tufted brush and manufacturer-recommended cleaners. Once dirt has been scrubbed off, the kerbing is watered down using a garden hose connected to a tap or any other water supply source. This leaves the kerbing looking pristine for all to see.

Stylish look

If what you want an elegant, professional-looking commercial kerbing, concrete kerbing is a great option. Concrete kerbing comes in so many different styles that can make any commercial landscape look elegant. As standard, you can choose from stamped, polished, acid-stained and engraved concrete edging, but you can also get something custom just for you. If you love the look of wood, you can ask your concrete contractor to provide you with a style that emulates that exact appearance, for example. There's an almost unlimited choice of design possibilities waiting for you when it comes to concrete kerbing.

Because of the above-discussed and many other benefits, concrete kerbing is a clear winner for many commercial property owners and managers. It is, therefore, a no brainer that it can significantly add value to any commercial property.


22 March 2017