How You Can Still Customise Your Concrete After It Has Set


Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials out there, and for a long time, it was also one of the most difficult to adjust after it had been put in place. After all, the qualities that make concrete so attractive, such as its weight, strength and resistance to erosion, all make it nearly impossible to change after it has been set. Luckily, there is a way to adjust concrete now through what is known as concrete cutting.

24 November 2020

Top Benefits of Using Polished Concrete in Restaurants


One crucial element to consider when designing your restaurant is the type of flooring you will use. Though restaurant floors often go unnoticed, they are vital aspects that contribute to the success of the restaurant. One element that works well in commercial kitchens and restaurants is polished concrete. These floors meet the proper safety standards and can weather a lot of foot traffic. Below are the reasons you should consider installing polished concrete floors in your restaurant.

21 August 2020