Concrete Repair and Upkeep: Tips for All Seasons

Welcome to my concrete blog. My name is Helen, and I hate stumbling over old and broken concrete. It makes a home, business or even a whole neighborhood look old and unkempt. To make the world a more beautiful place, I have decided to create this blog. In it, I plan to post everything I have learned about concrete over the years. I plan to include everything from maintenance schedules to upkeep tips to simple repairs to financial risks of broken concrete. If you have a patch of concrete anywhere on your property, I hope you enjoy the information in this blog and learn something new from it.

Two Reasons to Use Concrete to Build Your Driveway


If you are planning to book a contractor to build a driveway on your property and are not sure what material to use for this project, here are a couple of reasons why concrete could be the best option.

Concrete driveways have a long lifespan

One reason why concrete is an excellent material to use for this type of building project is that driveways made of concrete typically have a long lifespan and, with minimal maintenance, can often outlast driveways that are made of materials such as asphalt. Building a driveway that is likely to have a long lifespan is worthwhile, even if you don't plan to own your property for decades. The reason for this is that if or when you're ready to sell, the presence of a durable concrete driveway might make the property more valuable and could attract more buyers; this is because most people don't want to have to undertake the replacement of a driveway after purchasing a property and so would find the prospect of buying a place with a driveway that will remain intact for decades very appealing.

If you are in your 'forever home' and have no intention of moving, having a concrete contractor construct a concrete driveway could save you the hassle of ever having to take on this type of construction project again, as long as you take reasonably good care of this feature.

Concrete driveways are relatively low maintenance

Another reason to consider using concrete to build your driveway is that, when constructed to a high standard by a concrete contractor, a concrete driveway requires a minimal amount of maintenance, even after years of daily use. For example, as long as the concrete is in good condition, you can safely use a pressure washer to clean it, instead of having to scrub it by hand, in the way that you might if your driveway were built from a material that was more fragile.

Provided you adhere to the driveway's load limit (your concrete contractor should be able to provide you with the exact figure), you also shouldn't need to do any major repairs to the driveway (unless a tree or other heavy object falls on it and causes damage). Any small hairline cracks that the driveway develops can be patched up quickly and inexpensively, and weeding the driveway will only become a chore that needs to be done regularly if these hairline cracks are not filled in promptly (as the weeds will only be able to grow through the concrete and reach the surface of the driveway via these openings).

Reach out to a concrete driveway contractor for more information.


16 September 2022