Concrete Repair and Upkeep: Tips for All Seasons

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Helpful Tips for Installing Safe Kerbing Around Your Commercial Property


If you need to install kerbing around your commercial property, one thing that you might be concerned about right now is safety. After all, you probably don't want any of your customers to get hurt when they're on your property, and you could even be worried about the possibility that your business could be sued. If you want to focus on safe kerbing installation, these tips should be followed.

Be Sure It's Professionally Installed

First of all, making sure that your kerbing is properly installed and that it's nice and sturdy is essential for safety. Because of this, you'll probably want to hire a professional commercial kerbing installation service to help you. Then, you should be able to count on them to install safe and long-lasting kerbing. Additionally, they should do everything they can to install your kerbing in the safest manner possible so that no one will get hurt during the installation process.

Make Sure It's Handicapped-Accessible

Someone who has mobility issues could be seriously injured if your kerbing is not handicapped-accessible. Because of this, you should make sure that there are ample slopes throughout the kerbing that can be used by someone who uses a wheelchair, walker, or cane. Then, they should feel accommodated and welcomed by your business, and they should be a lot less likely to get hurt, too.

Ensure It's Even

If your kerbing is not even and level, then there is a higher risk of someone tripping. In addition to making sure that it is installed evenly, you should also watch out for imperfections that might pop up over time. If there are chips in the concrete or other imperfections, you should have them addressed as soon as you can to both prevent the kerbing from being more seriously damaged and to be sure that there isn't an unnecessary tripping risk.

Mark Hazardous Areas Clearly

As mentioned above, you should make sure that your kerbing is as even as possible for the safety and comfort of pedestrians. However, there might be times when level changes are unavoidable. In these scenarios, you should make sure that these uneven or changed surfaces are marked properly. As an example, you can have them painted with brightly colored lines that will be easily visible. If there are temporary issues, you can use signs or cones. Then, you can make sure that everyone can see potential hazards and react accordingly.

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24 January 2022